Welcome to the world of Art

Welcome to the world of Art

Dr. Chandana Raul - Celebrated Artiste & a Star Performer

A celebrated artiste and a star performer, Chandana Raul is synonymous with the Indian classical dance: Odissi. She began learning Odissi from the tender age of 7 years under the tutelage of Smt. Dr. Vidyut Kumari Choudhary. Chandana continued learning diverse aspects of the classical dance from a galaxy of eminent gurus like Padam Shri Guru Gangadhar Pradhan and Guru Shri Durga Charan Ranbir. Her grooming culminated in graceful movements beautiful postures, captivating expression and scintillating style which creates a visual phenomenon. Apart from her technical virtuosity she displays a unique skill and versatility while depicting varied emotions and thus exceeds in the Abhinaya aspect of dance.


It was amazing to view the shiv Tandav presentation by Chandanaa Raul were extra ordinary Hindustan Times
Tribhangi postures, Chawka postures & use of hand gestures in the dance form created by Chandana Raul were extra ordinary Jansatta
The people were hypnotised looking the dance of Chandana Raul- Dainik Jagran
There is combination of classical and modernity in the dance form of Chandanaa Raul- Navbharat Times
People enjoyed the shower of Odissi danceĀ of Chandanaa Raul- Amar Ujala, New Delhi
People fascinated to see the dance of Chandanaa Raul- Amar Ujala, Varanasi
The dance of Chandanaa Raul beated the strings of heart of every individual, watching the performance- Dainik Jagran, Varanasi

Odissi is a form of Indian Dance characterized by the ecstatic expression of grace and power. Unifying feminine and masculine energies through fluid movement and rhythmic footwork, Odissi is an exquisite Yogic art.

Dr. Chandana organises every year Upendra Bhanja Festival at Delhi, Dhavleshwar Festival at Cuttack and Aaradhya Samman Samaroh at Bhubaneswar Orissa.

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